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About Us

Our mission

Our mission is to create useful and helpful platform for people in need of mental health services.

Our Ecosystem

Our platform has qualified and credible mental health service provider including companies and individuals. We beleive our platform will be of greater help to people with mental health challenges.

Here is what we stand for

Mental health is crucial for human being. Happy and productive life depends on our mentality. We as Saikodesk team we will focus to create a platform which will help to unleash people barriers and utilize their potential to their maximum.

Our Service

Search and view professional profiles

You will be able to search, view mental health professionals profile and ask for appointment.

Stress management

You will be to choose the right psychology profile for helping you cop up with stress issues.

Mental health disorder

Our platform has plenty of qualified and skilled enough to help you tackle your mental health issues.

Inspirational content

Our team will prepare inspirational content that will help people to grow and be inspired.

Relationship issues

You will find experienced and specialized psychologsit four your health marriage.

Mental health related content

Mental health stigma need day to day recipe in order to get a relief or becoming free from the stigma. Our team will make sure desirable content is curated for helping people with mental health issues.

How it works

In order to get access to mental health professional for your need, download Saikodesk app. Register your account, then you will be able to view different profiles of mental health professinals. Choose the profile you think will suit your needs.

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