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Our History

Almighty Allah has kept 9 percent out of 10 of his Rizik in business. The grace of Almighty Allah on us is that He has empowered us by starting a business with some products related to His religion. Initially, we started a business with Muslim sisters’ sharia veiling clothing such as khimar, niqab, jilbab, etc. In addition to working with the sisters’ veiled clothing, we are partnering to make the Holy Quran readily available online. We offer online color-coded Quran, pocket Quran as well as some more Islamic products such as Jaynamaz, Rehal, Quran box, Perfume, Tupi, and Meswaq at affordable prices. Alhamdulillah, after receiving positive reviews from esteemed customers, we are encouraged to add new products to our store and we start supplying various organic foods such as Khejur, Honey, Mustard oil, Shutki (Dry Fish), etc. We will add some items related to Hajj and Umrah such as Ihram clothes, Hijab, Ihram belt and bag, Pocket Jaynamaz, and other related accessories to our stock InshaAllah.

Why Buy From Us

Accountability: We are obliged to provide Halal and proper products to the buyer in the interest of the welfare of the world and the Hereafter. We do not want to make our income illegal by selling Islamic products illegally.
Competitive Price: We set the price by thinking of ourselves as the buyer. We find it disrespectful to make more profit. In this case, we try to supply the product at the lowest price considering the market price.
Product Delivery: Despite several obstacles, we try to deliver the product on time quickly. There are home delivery services in the entire Dhaka city as well as in the district cities. Prompt delivery with proper packaging is one of our goals.

More than 50 + items

More than 50+ items are available here. You can buy this directly and there is a option to customized your products.

50+ Thousand User

More than 50+ Thousand followers of Sadadil.com are using our site.Hope, our visitors will increase, In Sha Allah.

100% Positive Feedback

Alhamdulillah, it's a great pleasure for us we have 100% positive feedback still now.