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Islamic Shop: Buy Quran Online Bangladesh

The list of Islamic products that can be bought at home by online shopping is growing day by day. Buy Quran online in Bangladesh and getting it delivered at home has added a new dimension to this. Favorite Bangla Quran, English Quran, Color-coded Quran with tajweed Quran, Pocket Quran, Rainbow Quran can now be purchased very quickly and easily.

Bangla Quran Sharif: Most Popular Quran in Bangladesh

Bangla Quran Sharif includes Bangla meaning as well as pronunciation written beneath the Arabic scripts. Some of the Bangla Quran Sharif even has verse interpretations as well as Shan-E-Nuzul (the context and reason of the verse being revealed). The Bangla Quran sharif is the best choice for a Bengalicitizen as it is easily understandable from their perspective. Every Bengali Muslim household should have at least one Bangla Quran Sharif so that they can recite the verses of Allah from time to time. There is no doubt that Bangla Quran Sharif is the most popular in our country, so we have a large stock of them.

Al Quran: Buy Quran Online is Easy Now!

Al Quran, the book which does not contain a single shred of doubt. The Almighty Allah blessed us with this magnificent scripture of life ensuring that we do not stray away from his light. Al Quran holds the answers to every single question that might arise in this objective reality we call the world. It is the single most valuable book that has ever been written on the face of this planet and no one can deny its greatness. Al Quran was first revealed by Allah to the greatest prophet of all time, Muhammad (Peace be upon him). Since his mother tongue was Arabic, the Quran was also revealed in Arabic. However, throughout history, Islam has reached every single part of the world through various means.  Thus, we have the translation of the Quran in many different languages, including our own Bengali. Bangla Quran ‍Sharif helps the common Bengali people to understand the true greatness of the holy book.

Beautiful Quran: Perfect for Gift 

Al Quran holds the key to our salvation. Thus, we at Sadadil have taken an important step to enlighten our fellow Muslim brothers and sisters about Al Quran by offering different varieties of it for online purchases.  We have gorgeously decorated Quran ‍Sharif to increase the beauty of your bookshelf. We have pocket Quran Sharif for those who want to indulge themselves in its wisdom on the go. We also have easy-to-understand color-coded Quran Sharif for the beginners who just started reading Arabic. We have Bangla Quran Sharif with translation as well as pronunciation. We have detailed Quran Sharif with all the Tajweed, interpretations of different verses, Shan-e-Nuzul, etc. We offer the best price for our products because we care more about spreading the light of Islam rather than earning more profit. Our products have a gorgeous finishing and we can assure you that when you read our Quran Sharif, you will be delighted by the looks while basking in the glory of Allah. In addition to a rich collection of Quran, Sadadil has a large collection of Jilbab Khimar for the sisters.

Different Categories of Our Quran Majid Collection:

Pocket size Quran

We have a large collection of pocket Qurans which are smaller in size for ease of transportation. If you are a busy person who doesn’t have much free time to study the Quran in your house,  then you can buy one of our pocket Quran Sharif to study the Quran anywhere you might travel to. They are crafted to a size that can fit right into your pockets. You can carry it with you anywhere you go. You can read the pocket Quran while riding on buses, trains, or aircraft. However, you must not forget to perform Wuduh before opening the pocket Quran in order to read it.  This particular category of the Quran is very popular among students, businessmen, and service holders as they tend to be rather busy and almost always on the road to conduct their particular jobs. A pocket Quran is a very creative option for a gift to your loved ones as well.

Color-Coded Quran

Color-coded Quran Sharif is rather easy to understand and helps to recite the verses according to the Tajweed. These Quran Sharif are color-coded in a way that helps the reader to understand what to do at a particular part of the verse.  For example, there may be a word where you need to Gunnah which might be blue in color, or there might be a word where you must Waqf which might be colored in red. Such color coding will help you prevent common recitation mistakes you might often make without even realizing it. These Quran Sharif are really useful for beginners who just started reading the Quran. The various colors within the Quran also give it a fine look.

English Quran

We also have Quran Sharif with English translation. All Quran Sharif in this category has English meaning as well as pronunciation.  These are for foreigners who are more comfortable reading in English as they might face problems understanding uncommon Bengali words.

Rainbow Quran

Beautiful Qurans are a sight to behold. The level of craftsmanship that has been put into these marvelous books is without a doubt masterful. These Quran Sharif are eye-pleasing and gives you an extra boost of attraction towards reading it. The beautiful selection of our Quran Sharif is made with glossy papers, the covers are beautifully designed and they have aesthetic chains to close the book properly as well.

This Quran Sharif will light up your bookshelf as well as your heart. One such Quran will multiply the beauty of your house by a lot as well as bring in the almighty Allah. These gorgeous Quran Sharif are a magnificent gift choice for your loved ones.

Al Quran Online Shop in Bangladesh

We, the common people, are used to buying Al Quran physically from different shops.  We feel as if the physical touch is necessary for us to feel good about buying the holy book in person. However, that shouldn’t be the case. In this modern-day and age, you can buy a Quran online without having to worry about anything. The benefits of buying the Quran online are:

  1. You get to browse a large number of designs in a short amount of time.
  2. You can order at your leisure and don’t have to spend time traveling to a shop.
  3. You get all Quran Sharif delivered to your house.
  4. You don’t have to perform Wuduh when trying to buy the Quran online.
  5. You don’t have to go outside in this pandemic.

We sell the Al Quran online with the utmost discretion and respect. So you can feel safe while ordering the holy book online. Our Quran Sharif is made of top-notch quality papers, beautiful covers, and great finishing.  You will not be disappointed with our Quran Sharif quality In Shah Allah.

 Islamic Shop: Quran, Rehal, Jaynamaz, Hajj & Umrah Products in Bangladesh

Our Sadadil is an e-commerce shop for Muslimah in our country. We strive to provide you with the products that bring you closer to Allah and his Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). Our eCommerce site is built in order to adapt to the changes in spreading Islam according to the modern age. We can reach more people through our website and the internet than we can in real life. We want to help you stay firm on Islam. That is why we offer products like the Bangla Quran, Color-coded Quran, Pocket Quran, Jilbab, Khimar, Hijab, Abaya, Burka, Niqab, Rehal, Jaynamaz, Wooden Quran Box, Hajj & Umrah Products, Khejur, Honey, etc. It is our duty to perform Salat, Saum, Hajj & Umrah, Qurbani, Jakat properly. And so, in order to help you perform these tasks properly, we provide you with all the necessary tools and products. We hope to reach your hearts through our halal business and receive your Dua so that we may be granted Jannah alongside all of you, our Muslim brotherhood. Praise be to the Almighty Allah who has connected us with you. We hope to gain your support throughout our journey with Sadadil.