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Elegant Jilbab Khimar in Bangladesh

Jilbab is a loose-fit garment that is worn over the head which drapes around and covers the whole body. Khimar is a type of headscarf which is worn around the head and usually attached around the chin or neck. The Jilbab and Khimar are usually worn together as they complement each other in concealing the body while keeping a fashionable appearance. Jilbab khimar is a popular form of hijab in the Middle East and have started to get a lot of popularity in our country as well. There are a few hijab shops in Bangladesh which sell Jilbab khimar with a limited collection. Bangladeshi women have been used to the traditional simple hijab since time immemorial. But in this modern day and age, the women in our country have become much more aware of fashion sense. This caused a sudden attraction and demand towards high quality Jilbab khimar collections. We at Sadadil have a large Jilbab khimar collection providing you various attractive designs. You can find the one that fits your interest while also obeying the rules of the Almighty Allah.

 Khimar Hijab is the First Choice as Modest Clothing

Islam is a religion that covers every single part of one’s life. And thus, there are also some rules and regulations on our outer appearance and clothing. The word Hijab means the covering of the body from head to toe (excluding the hand, face, and feet) for women. It is a strict ruling for every Muslim woman who has gone through puberty and haven’t reached menopause yet.  Every Muslim woman within those conditions must cover themselves properly from head to toe in order to protect their privacy as well as protect themselves from the distasteful looks of other people. The act of doing so is called Hijab. Hijab is Farzfor every adult Muslim woman according to the Holy Quran. Hijab clothing can be of different designs and styles such as Jilbab, Khimaar, Abaya, Niqab etc. We at Sadadil have a large collection of all these different variations of hijab for our Muslim sisters.  Our goal is to provide our Bengali Muslim sisters the ability to adapt to different styles of hijab, bangla quran to secure themselves for a reasonable price.

Cover Your Entire Body with Modest Clothing

The idea of hijab is to protect a woman from distasteful gaze from others as well as giving them a sense of security.  Any kind of modest clothing that covers the basic rules of hijab can be worn to perform the farz hijab. Modest clothing means the clothes should be cover the whole body except the hands, feet and face of a woman.  The clothes should be loose fit so that it doesn’t show the curves of the woman’s body.  The types of such modern modest clothing are as follows:
  1. Jilbab: Jilbab is a large piece of garment worn on the head which covers the whole body. It is a modern form of hijab clothing. Jilbabs are particularly popular among the teenagers and women in their 20’s and 30’s in Bangladesh. We have an enriched collection of Jilbabs at Sadadil. We have different designs, patterns, color schemes, styles when it comes to Jilbabs. You can browse for the one that suits you the best and buy it at a reasonable price.
  1. Khimar: Khimar is a headscarf which covers the head and attaches to the chin or neck. It is usually worn with another piece of hijab clothing such as Jilbab or burqa. Khimars are used mainly to cover the hair and neck properly and comfortably. We have a moderate collection of khimars of different colors and designs. Khimar price in BD varies a lot. But we can assure you that our Khimar hijab collection is listed with reasonable prices to meet your standards.
  1. Abaya: The Abayaor Abaya Burka is a robe like loose-fit over-garment that covers the whole body. The Abaya a form of hijab mostly popular in the north east African region and Arabian Peninsula .The Abaya is quite fashionable and really comfortable to wear. It covers the whole body in a perfect and comfy way. It can be worn with other clothes like Niqab or Our Abaya collection is quite enriched. You can browse through our site and look for the one that matches your style.
  1. Niqab: Niqab is a veil like cloth that covers the face. It is of the best interest of a Muslim woman to cover her face as well even it is not an absolute must. The face attracts a lot of impure gaze from society. Thus, Niqab helps one to protect herself for these kinds of gazes. Our Niqab collection is quite interesting as well. We have different colors and patterns of Niqabs. You can pick your style through our website.
  1. Burka: Burka is traditional hijab clothing Bangladeshi Muslim women are used to. It is a simple over-garment that covers the whole body in a loose-fitfashion. General Burkas in the marketplaces are not that stylish or fashionable. However, our Burka collection is quite large, attractive and fashionable. We have different styles and color schemed Burkas for your needs.

Khimar Hijab at the Best Price

We provide the best prices for our khimar hijab collection in Bangladesh. You might find high quality khimars in other marketplaces, but the prices will not be able to beat ours. Our quality is top notch and our prices are unbeatable. You will not be disappointed after buying a Khimar from our site.

Comfortable Khimar for Salat

Our collection consists of specifically designed Khimars for the purpose of comfort performing salat. If you are a person who don’t usually go outside and just want to buy a comfortable Khimar hijab to wear while performing salat, then we have a bunch of choices for you. These particular Khimars are made out of the best fabrics for your comfort. You will definitely feel the difference in quality from other Khimar sifter using our comfortable ones.

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